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Feeling overwhelmed? Find a quiet place and pamper yourself with a day spa experience or vacation at home.

Set the Scene. Draw a warm bath. Light scented candles, play some spa music, dim the lights and add a couple of drops lavender oil to the water if you have some. Relax with a cold eye mask and or face mask.  If closing your eyes is not for you, enjoy your favorite book or magazine and a cup of relaxing blend herbal tea and you’ll be feeling like a new person in no time. A little time to yourself can have a relaxing effect even after the most stressful day, making you fresher for tomorrow. 

Lie on your bed or lounge. Play some soft relaxation music. Relax listening to ocean waves, waterfalls and birds.
Enjoy a book or magazine with a cup of chamomile tea or imagine you are in paradise and your life is far away. Close your eyes and imagine a special setting. Imagine what is around you. Enjoy the breeze. Listen to the running water or the calming sound of ocean waves reaching the shore. Enjoy your special place.

Get back in touch with your inner joy.  Meditation can be a wonderful way to relax and invigorate the mind and body.  Give it a go with this beginners video.

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