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Is your deodorant Toxic? It probably is!

Even natural deodorants you buy at health food stores etc can have questionable & toxic ingredients.

Commercial deodorants are full of toxic ingredients & contain aluminum.
So maybe you tried to get away from toxic commercial deodorants, maybe you tried natural hand wash baking sodadeodorants, but you researched them & you worried what was really in them, plus most say natural deodorants are not effective, add the high cost of these natural products to the lack of doing their job & they have left you afraid to raise your hand in more than one way.

Create your own natural deodorant by dissolving Himalayan salt into water 

1. One quarter fill a jar with Himalayan salt
2. Tip up with filtered water until three quarters full
3. Shake
4. Leave to dissolve overnight
5. Without disturbing the salt on the bottom pour into a spray bottle
6. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)

NOTE: only use a light spray from around 20cm (7 inches) away as irritation can occur.

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